Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nursery time

Well it has happened, the dreaded phone call from the Nursery!!!

Max has been offered a place at the nursery for five afternoons a week starting from September. I can't believe it, wasn't it only yesterday he was like this...

...it doesn't seem right that it is time for nursery already, I am sure that he is still just a baby!!!

How does the school system work in the USA? There seems to be quite a few differences between the UK and USA schooling, ie yearly graduating, deferring for a year, being held back and at what age children start school etc. I would love it if someone could tell me about it, I am not nosey (honest), just really interested :)


  1. He was such a cute little baby! In the USA, I started pre-kindergarten with half-days at 3, went to full days at 5. Elementary school (1st - 5th grade), middle school (6th -8th grade), high school (9th - 12th grade) and I graduated from high school when I was 18. I wasn't held back, nor did I skip any grades. Does that help? Ask me, I'll answer :-)

  2. Some children qualify to what they call headstart at 3 or pre-k (well, in Texas, anyway).

    My baby's birthday is in October and that means she might have to lose a whole grade school year because of it. So we plan to have her go to private school (they don't care about the age), and then move her to a public school (unless we can continue affording private education).

    I went to elementary from kinder-6th grade. Junior High was 7th and 8th grade. High school was 9th-12th grade.

    I too, was 18 when I graduated from high school.

  3. Preschool or "nursery school" (for ages 3 and 4)is not manditory at all. Some preschools are state funded, but most (at least where I live) are private schools that the parent pays for. Most parents opt to put their child in preschool, though I prefer to teach mine at home during those years.

    Normally, children begin elementary school going to kindergarten at age 5. My son is turning 5 this summer, but I am keeping him home an additional year (there is no rule about this) because he would be one of the youngest in his class and I feel he is still very young emotionally and I want him to have a positive experience. I'd rather have him be one of the oldest and know that he is ready. Many people here do this, it's just up to the parent to decide. Here in Utah, Kindergarten is 1/2 day, then they start going full day in 1st grade. If a child misses a lot of school or is VERY behind, the teachers or parents may opt to hold the child back a year (repeating the grade) but this is rare these days. If a child fails a required class in high school, usually he can attend "summer school" and pay to retake an excellerated version of the class during the summer months. This way they can be back to their grade level by the next year. If a child is particularly advanced, they may skip a grade, but this is also very rare.

    Sometimes schools put on little "kindergarten graduations" or "6th grade graduations", but those are just for fun, not really an official ceremony. The only graduation that really counts is high school graduation.

    School usually goes from Aug/Sept-May/June with a summer break. Some schools are on a year-round schedule, and contunue to have school in the summer, but have more frequent, long breaks throughout the year.

    Basically, school goes up to grade 12, and most people graduate at age 17-18. Most go on to college the following fall. Sorry, I've rambled. Any other questions?

  4. Thank you all for your comments. It has helped and is not as different as I thought. We have nursery or preschool for 3-4 yrs (children do not have to go to nursery), then children start school in the year they are 5 in Reception, then ages 5-11 they remain in Primary School (years 1 to 6) then they transfer over to secondary school for ages 11-16 (years 7-11). After this they leave school and can go on college for a further 2 years after which time they can carry on to university at the age of 18 if they choose.

  5. I am a new follower I love your teens , tweens and in betweens because that is what we are here as well. Stop by my blog if you find time as well