Thursday, 4 February 2010


Last night, I put the boys to bed, then went into my own room which I always do. I had been in there for about five minutes when Ben shouted "I can hear popping and bubbling". I told him to go to sleep and it would be ok. Five minutes later - "I can still hear it, the popping and bubbling". Again I told him "Just go to sleep it will be ok". Then again "I can still hear it" Mark shouted "It is ok Ben it is just because there is air in the radiator". Ben - "Does that mean the radiator is going to explode all over me". Then for the last time "No it is ok Ben that is normal, we just need to bleed the radiators, just go to sleep, you will be ok". Eventually quiet.

This is just one of many of 'Ben's Bedtimeisms' and trust me there have been hundreds. He goes in fits and starts and sometimes for weeks and months at a time where there will be a problem every night and just as quick as it started he stops doing it again. I decided that if he does anymore of these I am going to post them as some of them are quite funny!

You may realise he is a bit of a worrier as a lot of them start off with Mum I am scared... (here are a few of them)

.......that someone might get into the house!

.......that a tree might fall on the house! (we don't live close enough to any trees)

.......that my teddy bears might come to life!

......that lightening will strike the house!

......that I will swallow my lose tooth in the night!

The funniest one though was when he shouted "Mum, I can hear a cow mooing"

This is where we live

This is what we see when we look out of our windows (on a snowy day!!!!), in a town, with no cows in sight

Ahhhhh Ben, you have to love him!!!


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Don't you love the things children come up with.
    This is just so cute I can totally relate.
    How I envy you that snow.
    We have a cow over our fence.
    Wanta trade?

  2. Maybe he just has really, really good hearing... :)

    Stopping by from Friday Follow!