Saturday, 6 February 2010

Disastrous Holidays Strike Again!

UPDATE: Time for a RANT!

I am cross, not just a little, a whole lot!

Our private dentist, yes not NHS but private dentist, provides no out of hours cover, none! This means that they refer you onto the NHS emergency service, which I presume due to wonderful NHS cutbacks now does not operate 24 hours but just when they feel like it! He cannot be seen until 1pm tomorrow which means a) He is going to be in severe pain for hours and b) we might not be going on holiday until Monday after we promised the kids we were going to set off early in the morning!

I am finding it very hard to be sympathetic to my husband at the moment as if he had gone to the dentist yesterday we would not be in this situation now!!! AAAARGH - husbands! AAAARGH - the NHS!

RANT over - sorry about that!!!

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And we are back, what did I say a few posts ago about our disastrous holidays!!!

My husband, unbeknown to me, has been suffering with toothache for a few days, well it got worse as we started to travel and he looked absolutely shocking. It sounds like he has an abscess under his tooth and he is in ALOT of pain, in fact I don't think he has looked so ill since he broke his hip five years ago (another story for another day). We were about an hour into our journey with another five still to go and so we made the decision to turn around and come back so that he could get treatment at home.

Well I have just rung the emergency dentist and they do not even open until 6pm and then they only stay open until 9pm, obviously you are only expected to get teeth problems between these times, good old UK and it's health service!!!

Hopefully, he will either be given antibiotics or have his tooth removed. Whatever happens he will be in a better state than what he is in now and we should be able to set off early in the morning on holiday journey round 2.

Our family holidays - never a dull moment :)

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