Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nothing doing!

We are at home again with only the boys for company. Lydia is at a friends for a birthday sleepover and Ellie decided she would prefer to stay at her Nanna's house and not with us. One of the reasons being my mum waits on her hand and foot and brings her breakfast in bed, a luxury she is not used to at home.

So the house seems very quiet again, I remember when having two children seemed hard work but now it is like a holiday. The boys get on well even though there are five years between them. I was so worried when Max was born that he wouldn't have anybody to play with and that he would be left on his own all the time. They do bicker occasionally but most of the time they play together and look out for one another and the girls treat Max as if he were theirs.

In saying that I had really hoped that I would have had another child by now. I really wanted Max to have a brother or sister that WAS close in age to him, unfortunately that has not been the case and now every month that passes I think of the ever widening age gap.

I do have to count my blessings though, when we married Mark was unsure whether he wanted children at all. He wouldn't change it for the world now and you never know, hopefully if there is a number five, he might like the idea of a number six!


  1. You never know, we wanted one last baby and got twins... :)

  2. I think after third child, any more added to that is pretty much the!! It is nice though to have the kids close in age.

  3. It's funny but I do joke around that we will get twins next time and twins do run in both of our families with Mark's mum being an identical twin!