Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wordful Wednesday!

As I have not taken any photos for quite a while, this morning I thought I would just grab my daughter's camera and take a picture of Max to put on for Wordful Wednesday. Max had other ideas and did not want his picture taken!!

Please do not look at the smeared handprints on the patio doors, I do clean them, honestly, they just don't stay that way for very long!

Also we do not give Max a Kong or a rawhide chew to play with, Cooper just likes to put his toys with everyone elses!!

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  1. Are you kidding should see OUR patio doors...and all we have is cat boogers on 'em!!

    Cute boy.

    Mine is Footprints in the Sand...

  2. haha...! That is so cute!

    I lived with my sister, who has 4 kids, during my first semester of college. I used to clean her house really good, and 5 minutes later it was in total chaos! I learned quickly that a house never stays clean with children around. I never judge a person's home when they have children. I know it sucks to clean it up everyday only to have it all dirtied up by the kids five minutes later.

  3. Following you from Friday Follow.