Monday, 8 February 2010

Journey Round 2!!!

Well we are heading back out soon to give our holiday another go!!!

I think that we will probably set off some time around 12 as I want my husband to have another lot of antibiotics before we set off. At least he seems a lot better than he did yesterday morning, his face is just a little swollen but he is not in as much pain.

We have decided to book a hotel for an extra night or two though, seeing as how the kids have missed out on two days of holiday, so I am sure they will be excited, especially since it has a pool.

But first I have to go birthday shopping for Max as I haven't bought him anything yet and his birthday will be on the Tuesday as we get back. He absolutely adores Fireman Sam and taking photographs, so I am hoping to get him a couple of new FS playsets and the Fisher Price digital camera. I think they will keep him busy for a while.

So Bon Voyage for the second time around, hopefully, this time tomorrow we will be celebrating Lydia's birthday in a cottage somewhere!

Wish me luck!!!

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