Sunday, 10 January 2010

And then the rains came!

It has been raining all day, so it is a good job that we went out in the snow yesterday as it is disappearing fast. Max has kept asking to go out to play today but all that is left is brown slush. So much for hoping that the schools will be shut tomorrow, I don't think that we have got any chance of that.

So today we have not done a lot, which has just reminded me that I have not washed Ellie's PE kit for tomorrow! Well all the kids were bathed this morning and the girls went out to play with some friends who live down the street. Ellie has done her homework and Ben has read one of his books, I did find both of them only for Lydia to lose one of them again. Ben informed me while we were having tea that he has got homework this weekend, even though when I asked him this morning he said he had none. I guess that will be tomorrow's job now.

My mum is going to look after Max for us tomorrow as we have got a lot of paperwork to fill in. Mark has got his tax return to complete before 31 January (we completely forgot to do it one year and ended up being fined) and we have got a lot of other forms now he is out of work. There are also forms and other things that we have to do regarding his new business venture. Not that Max will be bothered about not being at home he loves going to stay with my mum and was very upset as, when I rang her up to ask if she would be able to look after him, he wanted to go right then and said he wanted to sleep there tonight.

Ellie has just come downstairs very unhappy, the maths homework she has been set is not showing on the computer, Ben has just told me that he has spellings tomorrow (so much for no homework) and I still have to wash Ellie's PE kit so I better get moving!

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