Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Last holiday day for two

Ellie went back to school this morning in the cold and snow, I would much rather they all stay nicely tucked up in their warm beds. She is really funny, she likes to sleep in and would stay in her bed until 12 every day if I let her. But on the first day of term she is up at 6, promising to turn over a new leaf, this, of course doesn't happen and term day 2 is the same as all the rest, me having to practically drag her from her bed, half asleep, half an hour before she has to be out of the door.

We really didn't do very much today, I am still trying to tidy up from Christmas, find places for toys, clear the washing mountain and much more. I would post photos on here to show how untidy it is, but it would be far too embarrassing. We had chicken tacos with rice and salad for tea and I had a go at making some Snow Pops from the recipe that McMama had posted on her site. They went spectacularly wrong, I did manage to salvage them though, mine looked nothing like her beautiful picture and more like wet, squashed Christmas puddings!

So, it will be a strange day tomorrow Ellie, Lydia and Ben will all be back at school and Mark will be at his brother's office, working on his new project (starting his own business). He has been at home for the past eight months now, so it will be strange to have an almost empty house again. Just Max, Cooper (our naughty dog), the two bunnies and me. I hope that I am not too lonely!

Me and Max


Two bunnies - Jemima and Bobby

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