Saturday, 2 January 2010

Resolutions and Decorations

I thought that I would start with some New Year Resolutions, even though they are the same every year!!!

1. Lose weight
2. Be more patient
3. Keep up with the housework
4. Remember to send Birthday and Christmas cards
5. Try not to worry about 'tomorrow'

I always have these resolutions, I have been trying to achieve them for the past 15 years. Oh well maybe this year!

We had a nice New Year's Day party at my friend's house. All the people there were the parents from Ellie's primary school class and over the years we have become very close friends. Ellie and their children are also very close friends and they all moved to the same secondary school this September. The children make up a show every year and perform it at the end of the night, this year's performance was about a tramp (played by Ellie). I don't know how much longer this will continue though, by the time next year comes around they will be 13 and probably much too grown up for such things.

Our Christmas decorations always come down on 2 January, I like to start the New Year with a cleanish house. The only problem is it took me 11 hours today and they still haven't been put up in the loft. That will be tomorrow's job along with the tackling of the washing mountain. If I can help it I try not to wash over Christmas, it just leaves me with a weeks worth of washing and the swimming things and pe kits, so it will take me a couple of days to catch up with that. I will have to get a move on though because Ellie is back at school on Tuesday and as yet her shirts and blazer are in the wash baskets somewhere.

Well I am going to get some sleep now, it is 11.20pm and I am worn out, plus I will be up early in the morning!!!

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