Saturday, 23 January 2010

Two down

It was very quiet last night. Lydia had been invited to a friend's house for a sleepover and so Ellie decided she wanted to sleep at my mum's house. That only left us with Ben and Max and the house seemed very quiet. Ben was not very happy as the girls had gone off to do other things so we bought a movie on Apple TV for him to watch and promised him, he and Max could sleep in our bed so he was happy enough at that.

We didn't have to pick the girls up until two o'clock so I helped Ben do a jigsaw that he received for Christmas and Mark spent most of the morning (and the afternoon when the girls had been picked up) making a Meccanno car for him, another received Christmas present. I took Max up to our bed for a sleep in the afternoon and I slept with him, I don't do this very often and I must admit it was nice!

Well we are now watching the movie for the second night running as the girls wanted to see it and then it will be time for bed. I am looking forward to church tomorrow morning!

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