Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Form day

Yesterday we had to fill in quite a few financial forms. This meant the two years worth of papers that I just keep adding to had to be sorted out. It is not that it is a bad job but soooo time consuming. I started at 1 o'clock yesterday and had not finished it by 8.30 last night. I have a huge pile of old papers that also need to be shredded, this wouldn't be so bad if the shredder hadn't decided to break. It didn't sound very good yesterday and was jamming every two minutes and it overheated a couple of times and I had to leave it. I thought I would give it another go this morning and it seemed to be working fine for about five minutes and then that was it, no overheating, no jamming just completely not working! I have now put all the papers back into the cupboard to be shredded at a later date with a new shredder!!!

Well all the kids got ready to go to school this morning and everything seemed fine until it was time to walk out the door. Ben started crying saying he had a tummy ache and that he didn't want to go. Mark is taking them to school for the time being and so I made him get in the car and told him school would ring me if it didn't go away (Ben has a lot of tummy aches when it is school time). Mark rang me from the car about 10 minutes later and told me that he was bringing Ben home because he seemed in a lot of pain. Lo and behold by the time it got to 10.30pm the pain seemed to have disappeared and he was nattering for his packed lunch!!!

I am still feeling a little low about the whole baby thing. It really has never bothered me as much as it seems to be at the moment. We said the same before we had Max, what will be will be and it took two years from then also. I don't know if it is because even though there was a big age gap between Ben and Max (almost five years) Ben and the girls were all born within four and a half years and I really wanted Max to have a brother or sister who was very close in age to him. Even if I got pregnant now there would be almost four years between them. I also know that there is a lot less chance for me to conceive than there was before due to medication. I know I have to stop feeling like this but I must admit even though I am so happy for her I just read Mckmamas latest blog entry and cried!

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