Thursday, 28 January 2010

Date nights

I must admit we have had our fair share of time away from the children courtesy of my mum who lives a 10 minute walk away, but the majority of the time it has been spent cleaning, decorating and even sleeping (as the children don't seem to)! We have never had regular 'date nights' so I decided all that had to change. We have not had a very good year and I thought that it would be good to spend some quality time together like we used to all those years ago.

So now, every other Thursday we drop the children off at tea time and go out somewhere. Today was only the second time of going out but we had a lovely time and it was well worth it. We went to the casino where we had a lovely fillet steak and it was even better because it was buy one get one free. We set a limit of £10 to spend in the casino and we won a small amount so actually only spent £7.50 each.......well, I did say it was a small amount. I was stood next to a man who placed £60 on one game of cards and lost the lot and walked away as though nothing had happened, I think I would have been crying for weeks!!!

We went to see Avatar in 3D a fortnight ago, for our first 'date night' and that was really good. I would like to see it again before it has finished showing at the cinema because I don't think it would have the same effect on our small TV!

I think it has done us the world of good to spend these few hours together, I can hardly believe that we have been together 19 years already it only seems like yesterday that we met.

I wonder where we will go for our next 'date night'!

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