Sunday, 31 January 2010

Shopping Trip

Well after my lovely rest yesterday we did manage to go shopping today.

The first reason for the shopping trip was to take two rings into the jewellers to have the diamonds put back in them. One of them was my grandma's engagement ring which was given to me when she died and the other is my engagement ring. Last week I noticed that the claws on my ring felt sharp so I thought that I had better check how secure the diamond was and as I touched it, it came out in my hand. The jeweller said that grandma's ring, which is a row of five small diamonds, where the middle one has come out, would be no problem to fix and would cost £30. Next was my ring, first of all he said the claws were so worn down that I was extremely lucky that the diamond had not just fallen out and told me that to build them back up would cost - wait for it - £140!!! I don't know if I am incredibly naive but I can't believe that it costs so much just to put 6 claws back on a ring!!! Mark nearly had to pick me up off the floor in shock. The problem is, my engagement ring is very precious to me and so with my bank balance now £140 lighter I have left it at the jewellers and will collect it in 10 days time!

Shopping trip reason number two was that after a very stressful few years at work and an eight month absence on long term sick Mark left his old job in November and is starting up his own business, he moves into some premises tomorrow, hooray. He needed some new work clothes, hence part of the shopping trip. It was very successful and he got some very nice things, I have not seen him so happy and excited about going to work in a very, very long time. Even if it takes a while I know that if anyone can make it work he can, he is a very dedicated, hardworking person and I am very thankful for that.

I am very grateful that we are now beginning to put the traumatic events of the last year behind us and are looking toward a brighter future.


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